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I come from Louisiana, USA, and have been a Sexual Health & Wellness Expert for 4 years now. This blog is my attempt to help those who are too shy to ask questions about things that happen behind the scenes. I understand it can get tough and scary for you and your partner, both. In my blog, I shall answer all your questions and give you advice without you ever having to voice your concerns!

How to Use Bondage Tape: Check Bondage Tap Tips and Tutorial

Bondage is one of the hottest forms of pleasure. It adds the much-fantasized kink into a relationship and makes bedtime fun extremely erotic. Anyone who loves to have extra fun can tell you that while there are multiple sex toys and things to use during sex, the bondage tape is like a couple’s best friend. It is supremely easy to use and opens up so many possibilities of pleasure. Honestly, when you have bondage tape, only you can limit yourself!

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