Best Lube for Aneros - Good Lubricant for Handsfree Orgasm

Let’s put it out there immediately – It is not just possible to have a handsfree orgasm, it is definitely recommended! It is a completely new and thrilling experience that could make your hair stand in a very good way.

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So, why not go crazy with your romp in the sack and give yourself a great time? If you are not really crazy about going at it all alone, you can involve your partner in it too. After all, sex is about having fun, trying new things, and creating never-before experiences for each other.

To aid you with this, multiple manufacturers have launched a variety of lubricants for Aneros that you will love. They are made specifically to give you a great handsfree time as you explore a whole new horizon alone or with your partner.

Best lube for Aneros

Now, despite the many products available in the market, we understand that finding the best can be daunting. Should you ask someone? Awkward! Should you search online? Not many people are even talking about it. Should you just pick out whatever you see on Amazon? But, what if it is not what you are looking for? Let’s ease the anticipation and the frustration now. We have done all the research for you so that you choose your favorite within minutes. Let’s begin!

Aneros Sessions Natural Lubricant Water Base


Even though there are many types of lubes out there, we vouch for water-based products because they are easier on the skin and do not cause irritation. They are also very versatile. This is why the water-based Aneros Sessions Natural Lubricant is first on our list. Listed below are a few of its specifications:

  • It is water-soluble along with being water-based.
  • It does not have any parabens or glycerin.
  • You can use it with latex, plastic, and rubber.
  • It does not stain at all.
  • It is hypoallergenic, which means you can use it without worrying about your allergies acting up.
  • It has no flavor.
  • It is fragrance-free.

New Silicone Based Aneros Lubricant by Migliori


This lovely silicone-based lubricant by Migliori is versatile and multi-functional. You can use it for various purposes in the sack and regularly as well. It is smooth and silky, giving you an excellent sensation after application. Here are a few more features:

  • It is a non-sticky lubricant.
  • It does not leave any stains.
  • It has no taste.
  • It has no odor or fragrance.
  • It has quite a few medical uses as well such as soothing irritation and helping you overcome vaginal dryness. In fact, it helps athletes overcome blisters and chafing as well.
  • The only downside that we can think of is that it is expensive. You may not want to spend so much on a 30 ml bottle of lube, but the quality is at par with the product. So, that’s a huge plus.

Classic Erotica Max 4 Men Max Head Flavored Oral Sex Gel

Classic Erotica

Yes, some people prefer no taste and fragrance, but if you are among those who love a little flavor (quite literally). This lube has been designed specifically for men, in order to satisfy their every sexual need. Here are some of its highlights:

  • It is the perfect solution for oral sex and handsfree orgasm.
  • It has lubricious ingredients that make it smooth, slippery, and extremely satisfying.
  • It is flavored to take pleasure to another level altogether.
  • It enhances the experience of oral sex for both partners even though it is formulated specifically for men.
  • The lubricant also works to calm the gag reflex so that you enjoy deeper penetration even during oral sex.
  • Since it is a gel and is extremely smooth, it increases penile activity manifold.

Aneros Marksman Personal Lube for Aneros

Aneros Marksman

Here’s something for those extra hot times when there’s no time for anything but pleasure. These pre-filled applicators are your weapons in the sack while you are having the best time of your life. Here’s what they offer:

  • These are pre-filled applicators with 5 ml gel.
  • You can use them with latex.
  • They have no fragrance.
  • They are long lasting and known to amplify pleasure.
  • They come in boxes of 6.
  • Since they are pre-filled, you will never have the problem of using too much or too little lube. You need one applicator per session. That’s it!

We can hear you heaving a sigh of relief. You can now buy the best without second guessing or worrying about anything. Just add them to the Cart and have fun. You’re welcome. J

This article was updated on July 14, 2021


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