How to Respond when a Girl says she is busy – Ways to win over a Girl

Unless she is lightyears away from your league or is in an extra-serious relationship already, there’s always a chance!

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How to Respond when a Girl says she is busy?

Is she always replying late? Does she never text? Is she mostly “busy” when you want to hang out? Oh, we feel you! She indeed may be busy with her work and personal commitments, but if you are charming enough, she will find time for you. Trust us on this!

Your job is to focus your energy on making her realize that you are the one she is looking for. Bring your A-game on without seeming nauseatingly eager or desperate and good things will happen. Again, trust us!

If you are worried and do not know how to go on about it, we are here to help. The trick is to let things happen in due course without rushing. If you get impatient, you will do all the wrong things. We all know where that will lead you – farther away from her! But don’t you panic. Just read on for the best tips to win a girl over without breaking a sweat (or your bank account.)

Be just the right amount of confident

Most of us don’t realize when we cross the acceptable barrier and become obnoxious and cocky. While confidence is sexy, arrogance is not. So, don’t come across as a proud idiot. Be confident, nice, and conscious of what you are saying.

Give her space!

I think we should make this a mantra. In our desperation and impatience, we end up texting round the clock, calling continuously until she picks up, and what not. Give her some space to breathe! Give her the opportunity to think and get back.

If you are finding this difficult, just put yourself in her place and think how annoyed you would be if someone is always, always texting you. Suffocated? That’s right.

Bottom line: Give her a chance to miss you!

Give her the best time when you are together

They are scarce and precious. So, don’t ruin the time she spends with you. Make her feel special and ensure that she has an amazing time. Plan something that she would enjoy based on her interests. This will leave her wanting more and will, therefore, increase her desire to be with you.

Don’t go over the top

Trying too much, too soon, together is irritating. Just be yourself and stay true. That should win her over. Also, don’t put her on a pedestal. Treat her like an equal.

You can be busy too!

She will actually appreciate the fact that you have a social life, friends, and other commitments. So, feel free to make plans and tell her about them. You don’t have to worry about the whole “now or never” deal.

Show her who you really are

There is absolutely no need to pretend to be someone else. The pretense will fall off later, and it will only invite trouble. Let her know what kind of guy you are. Doing this will also help you understand whether you are compatible. If there are too many differences, you can always take a step back. That’s, in fact, wiser than arguing about conflicting interests in the future.

Get creative every now and then

Again, since she is generally busy, when you actually get the chance, take an additional step. Be creative with the way you plan your date so that she knows you care about her feelings. Remember, this doesn’t need to be expensive. There are plenty of things you can do without spending all your savings.


There’s a difference between hearing and listening. You should work on the latter. Listening entails being interested in what she has to say/share and replying with your thoughts about the subject. If she is sad, actually being there for her will help. When she is happy, rejoice in her happiness. Don’t reply in single words or nod absently when you meet her. No one likes that.

So, listen to her, just like you are listening to us right now. J

Even if she is the busiest girl on earth, she will have time for you if you play your cards right. It only takes a little effort and patience. And boy, she deserves it. All the best!

This article was updated on July 14, 2021


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